August 5th, 2010
GlobeAVS surpassed 183,000,000 fully authenticated user records, enabling ever more thorough card scrubbing and authentication.
July 16th, 2010
M2 continues to encourage members to check the support page periodically for updates regarding Virus protection.
Master Merchant has developed a variety of powerful protection tools to combat  identity theft and safeguard your data. The utilization of military grade data encryption is only the beginning of our preventative measures. Custom authentication tools, like CD Shield and GlobeAVS, add additional layers of security that ensure you are dealing with your true customers and not imposters. Feel free to peruse some of the safeguards listed below and email for more information.
  CD Shield Authentication
A specially encoded mini-CD that users must engage when submitting sensitive data or attempting to shop online. Each CD is electronically bound to a single user and is not duplicable. This removes the anonymity in the online buying process, insuring true identity.
  Globe AVS - over 180,000,000 records
Address Verification Systems are an integral component in reducing incidents of credit card fraud. The GlobeAVS system utilizes over 180,000,000 user records to determine whether a transaction should be approved or declined. This helps to eliminate chargebacks and lost revenue.
  ID Secur Gateway
Turnkey payment processing system for  banking institutions that incorporates high end security while supporting  robust transaction volumes. Specifically designed with banks in mind. To learn more email sales.
  Master Merchant  utilizes Verisign's 128-1024 bit SSL algorithms to protect user data while in transit and when stored within our databases. Verisign SGC tools are one of the most respected encryption providers in the world, and undergirds our data defense strategy.





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