Below are answers to the most common questions asked about our merchant application process. If you require more info prior to applying, please email our sales department

1. How long will the application take to process?

Usually no more than 24 hours on week days and 48 hours for weekend submittals.

2. Will there be a credit check?

A. Only if a follow up to this application is required. Personal Credit checks generally indicate a lack of business history. If your company is fairly new a credit check or additional information may be requested.  This may include a Dunn and Bradstreet report.

3. What criteria are weighed during the approval process?

A. Several factors are taken into account, the primary ones being operating history, business type, and projected sales.

4. Do you accept any type of business?

A. While a wide variety of businesses use our services, we are selective about a website's content. This is reviewed on a case by case basis and periodically re-reviewed post-approval.

Just fill out the preliminary application below and our sales department will respond within 24 hours. Your information is private and is only used to determine approval (privacy policy). Feel free to email sales if you require additional information. Thanks for your interest!

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